Gamblica ICO: Bringing Gambling to the Blockchain

Gamblica ICO

The Gamblica ICO launched yesterday, initiating Stage 1 of its token sale after a successful private pre-sale. Gamblica is an international gambling platform using blockchain technology on the Ethereum platform. Gamblica prides itself on being developed by players for players. The goal is to provide an enjoyable user experience through a system that can be relied on to play fair. Much of the issues revolving around gambling through centralized sources is trust. The Gamblica ICO hopes to eliminate gambling fraud by giving players the opportunity to check and verify the platform’s algorithms. The transparency of Gamblica’s random number generation system is meant to allow players to determine the fairness of each game’s outcome. >> Sharpay ICO launched – the ICO that’s all about sharing All payments, incoming and outgoing, will be in the form of Gamblica’s token GMBC. GMBC tokens will only be available during the token sale. Gamblica’s token sale is split into five stages open to the public, plus the private pre-sale. The private sale successfully ended, collecting 813 Ether and selling 12,899,250 GMBC tokens. Stage 1 of the public token sale officially started yesterday, March 1st, and the token sale is set to continue until June 1st, 2018. The sale has a hard cap of 40,000 Ether, while its soft cap is 4,000 Ether. Currently, after one day of Gamblica’s public token sale, a total of 848 Ether has been collected, and a total of 13,428,178 GMBC tokens have been sold. Stage 1 will end once 7,000 Ether has been collected. The bonus for participating in Stage 1 of the token sale is 50% (Stage 2 will have a 40% bonus, and so on and so forth). To see how tokens will be distributed, refer to the chart below: Gamblica ICO >> Telegram ICO raises $850 million but receives major backlash Gamblica has been given a 4.6 rating on ICO Bench. How would you rate Gamblica? Featured image: The Merkle

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