STREAM LINK TOKEN “STLK TOKEN” Becomes the First App to change our life through dealing with Wallet


Streamlink Token is a new innovative, high- performance, globally. It’s an application that connects with electronic stores for community service in easy way through Stream Link Token’s Wallet, you can deal with companies those we need in our life such as airlines, car rental companies, communications companies, internet companies, hosting and cloud companies, and hotel reservations etc. As a result, can exchange it with another coin at major crypto exchange.

STLK is an electronic commerce platform serves the community and facilitates its transactions in purchasing through the application.

Through standardized procedures, we enable both, clients and consumers, to easily connect to their own system.

In addition, we pay careful attention to factors such as data protection and security during development.

The Benefits of STLK Tokens:

  • Development of an application system for personal payment method.
  • Avoiding consumers, the risk of unsafe payment.
  • Creating an environmentally- conscious system that shares e-commerce around the world to reach easily payment method safety
  • Utilization of native tokens for the creation, buying and selling of services, products and intellectual property.
  • To become a cryptocurrency that embodies the standard valuation metric of all marketplaces.

Upcoming/ Roadmap

Q4 2021 will see the launch of the platform’s native STLK Token Sale, where STLK Token will be available for purchase for later use within the platform.

Q1 2022 will reach to SoftCap and PreSale will be finished.

Q2 2022 STLK Tokens listed on DEXs and CEXs allowing token holders the ability to trade STLK Tokens on exchanges.

Q3 STLK Wallet on ISO, Android and the web to store and manage your STLK Token is available.

Q4 2022 Advertising campaign and continued online marketing presence once the Token Sale is complete.

STLK Token Sale:

Upcoming STLK tokens Sale. STLK Tokens have made available 55M STLK Tokens of the 110M in existence to be sold in a stage-based deployment. STLK Tokens have set a HardCap of 20M USD and the token sale will run until Q1 of 2022.

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