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The SEC filed more responses to its letter motion demanding discovery of Ripple’s internal meetings’ audio-visual recordings in the latest move in the ongoing XRP case. 

The SEC stated in its response letter that now that the plaintiff’s request has been ruled moot, it will not engage and will not rectify “many inaccuracies” in Ripple’s Opposition in the future.

Since its January 2021 document request, the SEC has argued against one of Ripple’s grounds cited in the objection letter, in favour of obtaining “sound recordings.” The SEC claimed that the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34 includes “sound recordings” in the definition of “documents.”

In its rebuttal letter, Ripple argued against the SEC’s broad definition of “documents,” alleging that the defendants failed to uncover data via meet and confer. The SEC’s definition of materials was “unreasonably wide,” according to Ripple, resulting in a “burdensome and excessive” discovery procedure.

The SEC has stated that it is willing to meet with the defendants and consult with them about the extent and boundaries of Ripple’s searches for any new relevant recordings. 

Furthermore, the plaintiff has stated that if they are unable to reach an agreement with the defendants regarding ongoing difficulties, they may seek the Court’s intervention again.

SEC files objection to Ripple’s motion to seal

The SEC has objected to Ripple’s motion to seal papers related to several Ripple meetings. However, the court had already allowed the application on a “interim basis.”

The SEC’s request to deny Ripple’s petition to seal includes 

1 Redacted portions of the SEC’s letter move to compel recordings of certain internal documents.

2 The relevant deposition excerpts provided as exhibits to the motion, according to the document.

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