3 Most Undervalued NFT Collections Right Now That Could Catch Fire Anytime Soon


The NFT market is thriving like no other. In August, the largest NFT marketplace, Open Sea recorded 3 billion in trading volume. To put that in perspective, the NFT sales in the entire first half of 2021 accounted for a total of 2.5 billion. Digital collectibles have come back in a big way. 

People who got in early are now millionaires with a couple of Bored Apes and Crypto Punks. It is shocking to see how Bored Ape Yacht Club changed the whole dynamics of the NFT market. The average price of a Bored Ape went from $3000 to $180,000 in less than three months. From influencers to top celebrities, all of them are buying Apes to gain NFT cred online. Famous athletes like Steph curry and Lamelo Ball also joined the Ape club. 

Remember- the mint price of these Apes and many other popular projects were only 0.08 ETH. So if you missed your chance with BAYC and other top collections, it is okay because you can find another golden opportunity. The main things to look for will always be the artist’s background, community, and rarity. In this article, we shall go over some of the most undervalued NFT collections in the market right now. 

#1 Gauntlets 

Gauntlet collection is likely the most slept-on collection in the NFT market right now. This is the first-ever NFT collection created by one of the legendary artists of the marvel universe. BoosLogic is a famous digital artist who worked with brands like Marvel and Sony on several top-tier projects. His artwork on Spiderman and Avengers-Endgame made him one of the best in the business. The floor price of Gauntlets is 1.5x over the mint price, so it is still early to acquire one. 

Few Legendary Gauntlets 

With the artist’s background being so prominent, we will see more people FOMO in when the announcement of Blox is made official. According to the roadmap, all the Gauntlet holders will receive a special surprise, and the distribution will be random, meaning anyone can get legendary status with their airdrops. The community behind BossLogic is the real deal. We are seeing thousands of people join the discord server and actively participate in discussions and events. With such a strong foundation and fundamentals, we expect the floor price to skyrocket in the coming weeks. 

# 2 Robotos 

Robotos is another NFT collection that is steadily progressing with great community support. The robots designed by Pablo Stanley are clean and unique. Each holder feels special to be a part of Robotos community and expects to make great returns in the future. The floor price is currently at 0.1 ETH and if you are a holder, you will also receive a new airdrop from their new collection. 

The discord community of Robotos is growing every day with thousands of people actively participating. The roadmap also looks promising with monthly exclusive NFTs and workshops. The company will also take ideas from the community to determine how to proceed with the breeding of droid characters. We have seen before that when a company prioritizes community over money, they win large like Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

3 Cunning Foxes 

Cunning Foxes is looking so good right with incredible support from community members and top athletes. With zero marketing stunts, the collection is doing so well after reaching the floor price of 0.1 ETH. It gave 5x returns in less than a month, and this could very well be the beginning 

The community is key here. When it is built organically, it is going to perform well and grow even more. With celebrities and athletes flexing their fox packs, we can expect more collectors to take interest in Cunning Foxes. The floor price is moving slowly, but with more consolidation, we are only going to see a much bigger ramp-up. If you want to hold your NFTs for the long term, this is a good project with tremendous upside. 

If we compare all three collections, we see there are two things in common. That is community support and the artist’s background. It will not be another one of those pump and dump collections, as everyone involved believes in the future of the project. If you want to understand more about each project, it is recommended to join their discord servers and talk with people who were from the start.

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