Sharpay ICO – We Share because We Care


Sharpay launched today. What is Sharpay? It’s an ICO built around sharing on the internet.


Sharpay is looking to make sharing even easier. Sharing things one by one to different social media sites will be a thing of the past with Sharpay: now, there will be one button to do it all. With one click, whatever you like from the internet can be shared to all followers across all social media sites. The ability to multishare already exists. The main difference with Sharpay is that cryptocurrency becomes involved. Sharpay has been built on the Ethereum network. Users will get crypto rewards in return for sharing. Those with large followers, social influencers, can monetize on their popularity by earning Sharpay’s token SHRP. The Sharpay button can be designed in any colour or shape and can be coded to your own design. Already, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and LinkedIn have been incorporated into the working version of the Sharpay share button. >> AdHive vs. Sapien – which ICO reigns supreme? According to the Sharpay website, sites benefit from the Sharpay button in the following manner: For users, Sharpay works according to this diagram: According to Sharpay, multisharing helps to increase conversion, traffic, and the site’s KPIs, while also being usable and rewarding. >> Telegram ICO raises $850 million, but receives major backlash Sharpay’s token sale runs from March 1 to May 31. The pre-sale, which ran from December 11, 2017, to February 11, 2018, sold all 80 million tokens that were available and their soft cap goal of US$3 million has already been achieved. Sharpay currently has a 4.8 rating from ICOBench. Its hard cap is 45,000 ETH. Do you think Sharpay is necessary? Is it worth a share? Featured image: BitcoinExchange Guide

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