Kepler Technologies ICO: Investing in Robots

Kepler Technologies

Is this the future of robotics?

What is Kepler Technologies?

Kepler Technologies is working towards developing and producing AI and robotics, powered by blockchain technology. They are working on “the creation of the Future.” Kepler recognizes that robots and AI are becoming a daily part of our lives – think Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, or even down to the voice control on your smartphone (Siri anybody?). Kepler wants to participate in this rapidly expanding robotics market by shifting AI interaction onto the blockchain. As the robotics market continues to grow, it will open up new investment opportunities. Kepler is looking to dominate that space by creating a global marketplace for investing in robotics that is built on a decentralized platform managed by the investors themselves – that’s right, Kepler wants to give you control over what is created. Kepler wants to offer its investors tokenized assets, along with shares in the company, for community-backed projects in AI and robotics. >> ARround ICO – Personalize your shopping experience with augmented reality

The ICO Details

Kepler Technologies is currently in its community building stage of its ICO, step one of six stages. Next comes the pre-sale, then Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and the Final Stage. The token will be called the KEP token and can be used to fund ideas on the Kepler Universe Platform or to purchase robots, licenses, AI subscription services, and other Kepler products. Token holders will be able to invest in any robotics project that Kepler is working on.  In addition, KEP owners will get to decide what products, robots, or services come to fruition by choosing to invest or not to invest in that particular project. Those who invested in a certain project will then be awarded about 80% of the income obtained from that project, to be distributed among however many investors there were. The token sale is expected to be completed by May 10th, 2018.

What Others Think

Kepler Technologies was rated 4.8/5 by ICO Bench, 7.7/10 by ICOmarks, and 4.6/5 by Track ICO. However, Fox ICO rated Kepler a 5/10. It all comes down to what you think though. Are blockchain robots the way of the future? >> Crypto Madness: which ICO will take the trophy home? Featured image: geralt

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